E-Learning Courses

GSC training programs are designed to transfer vital skills and knowledge to key people and for every level of user within your organization. We offer a wide range of courses worldwide with technical support staff at a number of GSC training centers worldwide, on premise at your business, and online through virtual instructor-Led Training. Online Training is available in a live virtual environment and classes are held live at GSC training sites by Virtual Instructor allowing you and your employee to be trained right from your computer without taking time away from the office or digging into your travel budget. These courses cover audit training for those wishing to provide ISO management systems certification. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive an internationally recognized ISO Training Certificate. In addition, GSC offers these great benefits:

  • The three Top Scoring Students will travel to Canada for a one week Lead Auditor course for free; all costs will be paid by GSC
  • Top Students will be offered Employment Opportunities with GSC as a Full Time or Part Time Auditor.
  • Auditors Career Services will include overseas work experience opportunities.

Some of the  countries who have completed training and e-learning courses by GSC:

Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, Iran, Tajikistan, Romania, Poland, Georgia

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Transferring Expert Knowledge Skills, Our training emphasizes on practical learning via case studies under the tutor’s guidance. Each session has its learning objectives. It allows participants to know exactly what to expect and what needs to be achieved. Participants are encouraged to be actively involved in every activity for an interactive learning experience.


Auditor E-Learning Course

(  ISO 9001:2015  )

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The flexible nature of Management system standard ISO 9001:2015 E-Learning and Distance Education courses can provide to an organization, and to the individual who want to become an Auditor, additional learning opportunities and career advancement. E-Learning reduces time away from the workplace, eliminates the need for travel, and removes the need for classroom-based training; give employees and students the freedom to learn at their own convenience and at a pace that is right for them, with benefits:

  • Full Training and learning Materials through personal computer and smart phone
  • High Level certified Courses
  • Recognized Certification
  • Remote Examination
  • Employment Opportunities with GSC as an approved Auditor in your country