GSC is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective training to individuals and within organizational settings. Each training course will provide you the opportunity to enhance your technical and professional expertise. We also offer a unique coaching service that focuses on applying Technical theory and Trading Strategies to improve your market performance that can inhabit trading and investment decision making. Our trainers are recognized experts in their fields and highly experienced in teaching market professionals in seminar and workshop settings.

Training are held in company premises in Vancouver, Canada as well as in house at client’s organizations aimed at helping companies to educate, develop and build the employees’ skills necessary to grow in their organization.

GSC offer in house training packages to organizations providing tailor made courses and workshops to meet specifically to client requirements. In-house courses are an efficient way of training large group of staff, conducted to the organization’s requirements and delivered at a time which fits in with the organization’s schedule. Courses can be delivered in current format or modifications can be made where necessary to accommodate a client’s specific training needs.

GSC training programs are designed to transfer vital skills and knowledge to key people and for every level of user within your organization. We offer a wide range of courses worldwide with technical support staff at a number of GSC training centers worldwide, on premise at your business, and online through virtual instructor-Led Training. Online Training is available in a live virtual environment and classes are held live at GSC training sites by Virtual Instructor allowing you and your employee to be trained right from your computer without taking time away from the office or digging into your travel budget.